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2022 New York Blood Center Enterprises Community Impact Statement

Throughout our 55+ year legacy, New York Blood Center Enterprises (NYBCe) has fought to create a healthier future for all. With the blood supply at critical levels, we depend on supporters like you to learn about the work we are doing and give back with your time and financial support.

From blood-related products and highly specialized laboratory testing, to world-renowned research initiatives, NYBCe continues to make a direct impact in the community to improve health outcomes for patients on a local and national scale.
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  • Learn why there is an ongoing national blood emergency and how you can help 
  • Meet real-life patients whose lives have been saved by our donors’ contributions 
  • Read about seven of NYBCe’s investigators and their renown research 
  • Find out how you can support NYBCe’s lifesaving mission  

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