Choose an Expert to Engage With at AABB 2021:

Like 2020, AABB 2021 is all virtual. That's why this year, NYBCe would like to encourage the same engagement opportunities as previous in-person conferences. Here we have a list of all of leaders and researchers who welcome your questions and inquiries about their educational sessions, presentations, and poster research. Following your review of NYBCe's participation this year found at, we look forward to hearing from you!

NYBCe’s 2021 AABB Experts Include:

Ellen Christenson
Presenting Author 
“Investigation of Discrepant Results in Platelet Antibody Screening"
Christine Lomas-Francis
Oral Abstract Presenting Author 
“A New High
Prevalence Antigen in the Yt Blood Group System in Two Unrelated Native American Patients”

Lucette Hall
“Challenges and Triumphs from the Implementation of Major Donor Eligibility Changes during a Global Pandemic”
 Dr. Larry Luchsinger
 Presenting Author
“The Role of   Caveolae in Hematopoietic   Stem Cell Function”

 Dr. Jed Gorlin, MD, MBA
 Program Chair 
“Oral Abstract Session   Blood Product Manufacturing and   Storage”
 Speaker “COVID 19 Convalescent   Plasma:Impact on Donation Safety and   Eligibility”
 Dr. Avital Mendelson, PhD
 NBF Symposium   Presenter “Bone Marrow 
 Microenvironment in  Sickle Cell   Disease”

 Aline Le Floch
 Presenting Author “A Novel Null Allele in the P1PK   System: A4GALT*02N with c.951C, Identified in Two   Bangladeshi Sisters with a History   of  Spontaneous Abortion”
 Presenting Author “A New Deletion in the KLF1 Gene     Resulting in an In(Lu) Phenotype”
 Manlio Narici
“Creating the Blood Center
 Infrastructure for Biotherapies: From
 Contracts to Collections and Distribution”

 Dr. Cheryl Lobo
 NBF Symposium Presenter "Babesia and it’s Interaction with the  Red Blood Cell"
 Gorka Ochoa Garay 
 Presenting Author “Three New RHCE             Alleles Encodin RhAnalogous Antigens”

 Lynsi Rahorst
 Program Chair“The Impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic   on the Future Landscape of Education and Training in   Transfusion Medicine”
 Program Chair"Desafíos   Inmunohematológicos: Serología, Molecular y Estudios   Para La IdentificaciónDe Anticuerpos Plaquetarios"
 Randall Velliquette
 Presenting Author “A Rare KEL Compound Null   Heterozygote Defines a K0Phenotype in a Patient   with Anti Ku and Discovery of a NewSilenced KEL*02   in a k Donor”

 Dr. Bruce Sachais, VP, MD, PhD
 Program Chair 
“COVID 19 Convalescent Plasma
 Donor Recruitment, Collection, and Use”
 Sunitha Vege
 Presenting Author “Four Novel RHCE Alleles Revealed By Discrepancies between Genotype and Phenotype”
 Presenting Author “Identification of Novel ABO Variants Associated with Weak or Discrepant a Antigen Expression”

 Dr. Eric Senaldi
 Program Chair - Oral Abstract Session Blood   Donation
 Oral Abstract Presenting Author 
“Large Volume, Delayed Sampling of Platelets Causes Increase in False Positive Bacterial Detection Rate”
 Dr. Francesca Vinci
 Presenting Author
“Heme and Iron Triggered Defective Macrophage Functionality Contributes to the Pathophysiology of Hemolytic Anemias”

 Dr. Patricia Shi, MD
 Presenting Author
“Evidence for Continued
Dose Escalation of Plerixafor for Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Collections in Sickle Cell Disease”
 Presenting Author “Process and Procedural
Adjustments to Improve CD34+ Collection Efficiency of Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Collections in Sickle Cell Disease”
 Dr. Connie Westhoff, SBB, PhD
 2021 Sally Frank Memorial Award
 Recipient & Lectureship
 Program Chair 
“Evolving Use of Rh Antigen Genotyping for Improved Red Cell Transfusion Matching”

 Dr. Nancy Van Buren
 Program Chair
“ COVID 19 Convalescent
Plasma: Impact on Donation Safety and Eligibility”
 Presenting Author  "Case Report of Rare Early
Refractory Thrombocytopenia Due to HLA
Alloimmunization in a Child with Digeorge
 Dr. Karina Yazdanbaksh
 Program Chair & Speaker 
“The Stop/Go Signals for B Cells Responses and Alloimmunization”